Steve Earl

Steve Earl

What does ‘green’ really mean?

With COP26 almost upon us, the thoughts of some of the greatest minds of the planet will no doubt be all over our screens in the coming days. Which makes it slightly strange to be quoting hip hop legends Public Enemy in an ESG column. But few assessments would better sum up the state of the greenwashing issue at the moment than “Don’t believe the hype”.
November 6, 2021
Steve Earl

The truths are out there

There are many definitions of ESG, there are different ways of measuring progress towards ESG goals and there are multiple ways of understanding what ESG factors most impact reputation, and why. According to Steve Earl, a Partner at corporate communications and strategy consultancy BOLDT, those multiple versions of the truth are unavoidable, but expect consolidation as companies begin to require more objective data. At a time when nations around the world are relying on data to unmask the facts about how we emerge from the grip of a pandemic, the whole truth has rarely been at such a premium. But if…
May 26, 2021