What we do?

Report Submission

The Foundation invites all organisations to submit their ESG annual reports to an open competition and will raise awareness of the best in class examples every year.

Project Discovery

How can each of us make a personal contribution to conservation and ecological projects that need our support?

The tabs below each link to outstanding examples of how you can make a difference. Try them out. Be brave. Discover.

Conservation projects for some of the world’s most endangered species:

Sponsorships & Internships

The Foundation’s Board annually awards (US)$10,000 to the author and designers of the best ESG Annual Report, in recognition of the writer’s essential skills in bringing a complex document to life.

In time the Foundation will acquire sufficient members or supporters to sponsor scholarships or academic seats to take the learnings of best ESG practice forward in a constructive way.

We provide six annual internships to graduates aged 21 – 25 offering them work experience within the environmental, social impact and corporate governance business environments. If this is of interest to you please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Shortlisting Service

Where organisations seek further guidance on ESG best practice the Foundation will provide a panel shortlisting service of appropriate candidate consultants to take their ESG reporting forward.

“If universities taught students to be effective changemakers, it could make a massive difference to our collective ability to tackle social problems.”

Titus Alexander

Honorary Fellow, Crick Centre for Public Understanding of Politics