Sustainable Advantage

An intelligent approach to sustainability, energy and waste

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We believe in doing our part in making an impact. As a business, we have been carbon neutral since our inception in 2010 and planted over 18,666 trees around the world in partnership with our clients. We have set our Net Zero date as 2040 and aligned with SBTi emission reduction targets. We work with a selected charity each year, putting our entire effort behind that charity to help their cause with each staff member dedicating 2 days to the chosen charity each year. We have supported over 20 individual charities since 2010 through either donations or volunteer days, including donating over 8,000 items of clothing on behalf of FatFace during COVID.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) spans a number of business functions and has become a strategic area of focus for companies globally. Being able to demonstrate your ESG credentials has never been more important to retain current clients and gain new ones, attract bright talent who are passionate about sustainability and satisfy the various regulatory requirements of SECR, ESOS, TCFD, SFDR, not to mention all the reporting frameworks such as CDP, GRI and Science Based Targets.

Our support to clients ranges from an initial ESG assessment and Board level strategy / advisory role through to full implementation support. All delivered internally via a very experienced team.


The energy markets are facing pressures not seen before. Our expert teams are able to advise on timing as well as running extensive energy renewal tender processes. Post procurement, we are validating invoices to ensure our clients only pay for the energy they use. Our software platforms analyse usage patterns and highlight areas for further investigation and improvement. Technical specialists are available to conduct site surveys, train staff and recommend CapEx projects to reduce consumption.


Waste has certainly moved up the strategic agenda as companies seek to increase recycling, divert waste from landfill and reduce single use plastics. Many companies struggle with reporting on their waste activities as they have multiple waste streams collected by multiple suppliers across multiple locations. Sustainable Advantage takes on the role of a waste management company whilst liaising with the various suppliers on your behalf.


Sustainable Advantage’s utilities team manage the upgrade, removal, diversion, installation and commissioning of all types of utilities for many of the largest prime contractors in the UK. Our specialist teams can handle all aspects of power, water, gas and communications from initial site review and bid support through site delivery to metering and energisation.

Supporting Private Equity

Our Private Equity clients seek to create shareholder value through investing in ambitious companies led by dynamic teams but are equally focussed on responsible investing. This means ensuring new investee companies are considering all stakeholders in business decisions – employees, clients, suppliers, local communities and environmental impact.