Episode 34: ESG and people trafficking. Who cares? Patrick Miller, founder of Impact Advocates Law does.

In today’s ESG interview California based lawyer, Patrick Miller, explains how asking questions about your primary and secondary suppliers’ working practices can help you stay in business, and keep making profits. Professionally, he helps resolve legal disputes for startups, social impact and international businesses. Personally, he’s on a mission to help all legal advisers better understand how they can bring the S and G of ESG to life for the clients.

Patrick Miller is the founding attorney of Impact Advocates APC, a law firm focusing on international commercial disputes and responsible supply chains. He is a strong advocate for social impact companies and is passionate about resolving their commercial disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. He also assists companies in creating a framework for responsible supply chain practices. He is involved in the business and human rights legal community and recently began working with an ABA Business Law Section working group that has developed a comprehensive set of contractual provisions to address potential human rights violations in international supply chains.