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ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is one of the most important topics for many organisations at this time, with many needing to understand both the basic concepts as well as the more detailed aspects of each strand.

These live, open training sessions are available on zoom for individual colleagues to join and learn from the experts.

Register for a cost of only £425 per session for these four hour workshops.

1. Managing Diversity 

The course is designed for senior leadership who want a more productive workforce through impactful culture change. The taster session is designed specifically for those leaders tasked with carrying out measurable progress across multiple departments when it comes to D&I. The programme is delivered jointly by our team at Seventh Wave and the All-In Diversity Project.

2. Making It Right

The workshop is aimed at staff at all levels in a given organisation. These issues around Diversity & Ethical Business can be challenging for everyone and the training will spend some time imparting ways to navigate them openly and honestly. Delegates should join with the expectation that the session will allow them the freedom to explore the issues in a safe space where respect takes precedence over political correctness.

3. Values-Based Recruitment 

Training hiring managers in equal opportunities, diversity, employment law, interview skills and avoiding unconscious bias is essential. This course ensures they understand the organisation’s diversity aspirations and are able to comply with its value-based selection criteria. Participants will complete a Level 3 Ofqual-regulated Qualification as part of this training.

4. Engaging Leadership 

This training is aimed at colleagues looking to develop in their current leadership role or those preparing to lead new initiatives, projects or organisations. It will serve to refine, shape and focus current ideas on ethical leadership has well as offer new thinking, new tools and new perspectives on the idea of leadership as something to be learned.

5. Interrupting Bias 

For colleagues working in senior leadership and HR, this workshop considers how each of us in an organisation is responsible for raising awareness of unconscious bias and its effects on all members of staff. Some colleagues will be new to the subject and some will have some experience or knowledge; this workshop will ensure that all participants receive information and tools to effect change around unconscious bias in their organisation.

6. Resilience at Work

For colleagues who are responsible or concerned for the well-being and welfare of others or for colleagues who may want to understand the nature of coping with stress, understanding well-being and building resilience in different challenging environments, this workshop offers both theoretical and practical input.

7. Environmental Training

Different stakeholders are likely to want different input from a sustainability training workshop and our aim is to work with anyone interested or tasked with developing organisational green strategies including: financial stakeholders; customers; internal stakeholders; communities and public policy; biosphere.

8. Governance 

With regard to good organisational governance, it is expected that Senior Leaders will be at the forefront of meeting this aspect of the ESG Challenge, and this training workshop is aimed at those wishing to get ground-level information on the key areas of developing strategy, implementing this on a company-wide basis as well as reporting on the key data and outcomes.

9. ESG Introduction

10. ESG Reporting & Comms